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Charles T Coram is a character that features in The Brick Satellite. Charles is the governor of Township Number Nine. He is played by David Zack.

Production Played by
Episode 2: The Brick Satellite David Zack


Charles is a former soldier and member of British parliament and had big plans for his career trajectory. However, he was then assigned as governor of Township Number Nine in British Guiana by King William IV. When John Herschel and Anna Hanover arrive at the Township in order to begin construction of the Brick Satellite, Charles was irritated but became much angrier when Herschel left, leaving Anna in charge.

The Brick Satellite[]

Upon Herschel's return to Township Number Nine, Charles is annoyed and irritated by the restarting of production on the Brick Satellite. He decides to attempt to sabotage the project by contaminating the clay the bricks are made from with lime and damaging the flywheels.

Despite his attempted sabotage, the production of the satellite is complete and Charles is invited to speak but begins insulting the satellite but is cut off. Charles then leaves the township.

Charles later returns with a team of mercenaries to attack the township and destroy the satellite. Charles then threatens Herschel and Anna with a gun and is about to kill them when he's knocked out by Rose Stratford with a printing press plate.

Personality and Traits[]

Charles does not regard the sciences and the citizens he serves very highly and this has left him ostracized and dangerously close to his breaking point[1].


Anna Hanover[]

Anna Hanover is Charles' enemy. After being assigned as governor of Township Number Nine, Charles had a number of ideas for what he wanted to use the land in the township for and viewed the arrival of the scientists as a hindrance to this. While Charles initially tolerated the scientists, Herschel leaving Anna in charge of the satellite project caused Charles to become angry with the project as he finds Anna incredibly irritating and less capable due to her being a woman. This causes Charles to begin to resent Anna, causing him to want her dead.

John Herschel[]

John Herschel is Charles' enemy. Much like with Anna, Charles is irritated with Herschel as he views the arrival of the scientists as a hindrance to this. Charles initially tolerated the scientists as he had respect for Herschel and was informed to allow him to do his work by the monarchy. Charles' relationship with Herschel is greatly influenced by Herschel being a man as Charles has more respect for him than he does for his female counterparts. Despite this, ultimately Charles hates Herschel and still wants him dead.